CACL represented by RON SCHUITEMAKER, guarantees a customer-oriented and personal approach.

CACL is specialized in advising, developing and giving broad support to the Confectionery Industry. Starting point of our advising, developing and supportive actions has always been to give our clients maximum output at minimal cost.

CACL can rely on 20 years of world-wide theoretical- and practical experience within the Confectionery Industry. Apart from advising, developing and supportive activities, CACL is able to - based on this vast experience- solve your problem in a clear, constructive way and to assist in implementing these solutions in the most economical way within your actual existing processes.

CACL has broad knowledge of products, ingredients and all relevant processes, and has an operational databank available which has been built-up during the past 20 years. In good cooperation with the customer, CACL therefore claims to be able to achieve an optimal result.

Being in possess of a special and fully equipped application-laboratory, CACL can provide you with unique services. In this laboratory, we can execute quality-supportive research work, develop specific recipes for you -the customer- as well as prepare product for final presentation. All these possibilities as offered by CACL take away the necessity of disturbing customerís own production processes, thus achieving a substantial cost-saving.